Residential – Grout Colour Sealing

Grout Colour Sealing is a restorative bonding process for grout joints. A specialized protective coating is installed to overlay the existing grout. The grout joints will be restored to like-new condition; the color of the grout can be changed if desired.

ColorClad is a grout restoration process that not only brings back the uniform color of a freshly installed tile grout, but dramatically improves the performance of any grout, new or old.

Grout Colour Sealing adds durability, beauty and hygiene to the grout joints. Once sealed, future maintenance will be easier and more effective. Grout Colour Sealing acts as a topcoat which water proofs and sanitizes resisting stains for years.

Grout Colour Sealing lasts up to ten times longer than most other store bought penetrating sealers. Grout stays looking brand new for at least 5-7 years with proper maintenance.

The Benefits of Grout Colour Sealing

Makes your grout look brand new

Fraction of the cost of replacing tiles or re-grouting, saving you money!

Ensures uniform colour throughout

Professional and natural finish

Ease of maintenance & no more scrubbing

89 different colours (or we can custom mix to match)

Expected ware of up to 15 years guaranteed

Perfect for kitchens, bathroom, showers, laundries and more

Most jobs may be completed in a day

Maximum stain protection available!