Commercial Washroom – Washroom Restoration


Our bathroom cleaning services cater to the needs of commercial and residential clients. Be ready for an exceptional bathroom experience with us. Tile Grout Restore provides,

Easier routine maintenance

We maintain regular cleanliness in all the bathrooms in much lesser time than expected. We are very professional.

High pressure cleaning

We can re-grout the tiled floors and walls of your bathroom. With high pressure cleaning, we remove the build-up and clean the highly contaminated surfaces where your brushes can’t reach.

Complete sanitisation

Our cleaners use environment friendly solutions and chemicals which are specially formulated for bathroom cleaning. We ensure that your bathroom smells fresh and is thoroughly cleaned.

Reduced need to stock cleaning equipment

Our professional bathroom cleaning services eliminates the need of stocking up cleaning products and machine at your end. We use our own vacuums, pressure washers, auto scrubbers, cleaning solutions, grout cleaning equipment etc.

Ultra-clean Processes

We ensure and level up all the measures to prevent cross-contamination and foul smelling bathroom.