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What Exactly Is A Sealer?

A sealer is a liquid, or carrier containing a resin that is applied to porous natural stone or porous man made surfaces that helps prevent staining from water and/or oil based materials as well as help to achieve better results when cleaning your tiles

Sealing your stone will help prevent & reduce staining by keeping most stains suspended at the surface. Sealing provides protection against chemical attack, deterioration and contamination and also reduces the damage caused from the stain itself.

You can easily test how porous your surfaces are by applying a drop of water to the surface and watching how it is absorbed. You can then see how any type of water based stain can be absorbed by the surface.


Why should I have my stone tiles sealed?

A sealer reduces the natural absorbency of a stone. A natural stone surface once prepared and sealed correctly can add a great deal of style to your property and give it a real feature relative to your desired look whether that is modern and contemporary or more traditional.

Sealing your tiles and/or grout helps prevent & reduce staining. It provides a barrier for a short time to remove the staining product and helps reduce the damage caused from the stain itself. Staining can still occur if the staining product is not removed from the tile.


Types of Sealers Tile and Grout Restoration use

Tile and Grout Restoration use two main types of sealer to protect your surfaces. One sealer is known as an Impregnating Sealer (Penetrating Sealer) which is absorbed into the tile protecting it from within and the other is known as a Topical Sealer (film forming) which sits on top of the tile.

Impregnating Sealers last between 5-10 years, up to 15 years with proper maintenance.

Topical Sealers last between 3-5 years with proper maintenance.

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